How to Save Money on Your Clothing Purchasing

When you think about how much money is spent on clothes every year, you may wondering if you really need to spend that much. The answer to this question is no. Whether you have the money to burn or can only afford to spend $50 a month on clothes, there are ways you can avoid spending too much.

Here’s how to save money on your clothing purchases.

Buy out of season

Buying clothes when they are in season means you are going to be paying full price. To avoid spending too much on that sweater or pair of pants you have been eyeing, you could buy the during the summer when no one is interested in purchasing winter items. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get the clothes you want for half the price.

Shop during sales

How to Save Money on Your Clothing Purchasing

Every once in awhile, your favorite retailers may have a sale. During this time, certain items in stores are available for a lower price. Sometimes, you can find clothes for 20 percent of their retail price. If you are in the market for new clothes or have been wanting to update your wardrobe, shopping during a sale would be the best way to do it without spending more than you should.

Use coupons/discount codes

Sometimes, buying out of season and visiting stores during sales won’t be an option. Depending on the clothes you want, they just won’t be included in sales or the price won’t drop when they are out of season. When this happens, you can turn to coupons/discount codes. Many retailers, including Kohl’s, offer customers the chance to save of their total purchase or individual items if they use a code that has been emailed, texted or posted online somewhere.

You can’t really avoid spending money on clothes. Seasons change, styles come and go and many other things happen that require you to keep buying clothes every year. While you have to visit stores several times a year for pants, shirts, shoes and more, that doesn’t mean you have to keep paying full price for the items you want.